Urmston Railway Station on a cold winter's day. The former Station House & Ticket Office on the left hand side is now the warmly inviting & award winning THE STEAMHOUSE pub.

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Wildlife of

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Week 8

Swanning Around On Salford Quays
Boland Image No-61732

A handsome looking swan followed this inquisitive look with a series of spectacular head stands. It's always a good sign to see wildlife on our waterways.

When I worked at Salford Docks, one night a dog was hauled out of what was then number 8 Dock.

It was impossible to determine what type of dog it was - due to the fact that it was covered from nose to tail in oil, gunk and goodness knows what else. Its poor eyes were completely blood red and I didn't give much for its chances.

The dog was carted off to the Animals In Distress rescue people and I told the Docks Police that more...

Salford Quays Looking Towards The Lift Bridge (Millennium Footbridge) & Lowry Designer Outlet
Boland Image No-61747

This area of Salford Quays used to be known as more...

A Busy Day For Seagulls and Rowers Down Salford Quays
Boland Image No-61781

Both seagulls and rowers had a busy winters morning. The seagulls were highly excited by all the "good stuff" that the more...

Exchange Quay Buildings Trafford Road Swing Bridge & Sam Platt's Pub
Boland Image No-61789

Salford Quays teems with wildlife these days. The seagulls on the lights amused me - I was wondering if they parked there to get more...


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Week 9

Geese Huron Basin Salford Quays
Boland Image No-61998

I don't know whether or not geese are supposed to be monogamous but I'm pretty sure this high steppin' dude had a couple of Mommas in tow..!

Goose Huron Basin Salford Quays
Boland Image No-62021

You've gotta wonder haven't you? I mean how do these birds stay warm while paddling around in icy water? Go figure..!

Inquisitive Goose Huron Basin Salford Quays
Boland Image No-62023

I got the distinct feeling that this proud goose was trying to intimidate me more...

Geese Huron Basin Salford Quays
Boland Image No-62037


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Week 16


Index 2

Bridgewater Canal Local Resident - Cleared For Take Off
Boland Image No-34173


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