Urmston Railway Station on a cold winter's day. The former Station House & Ticket Office on the left hand side is now the warmly inviting & award winning THE STEAMHOUSE pub.

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Urmston Meadows and
Its Meandering River Mersey


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Urmston Meadows - the playground of my childhood especially during the school holidays.

Looking back, it was definitely not the safest place to play but I was a latch-key kid and pretty well left to my own devices for large parts of my childhood.

In fact it's amazing that I ever survived.

Urmston Meadows with its fast flowing River Mersey was in my young eyes the best adventure playground - bar none.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, a couple of pals and I found a 'raft' at the side of the river made from oil drums with some planks tied across the top of them. YIPEEEEE!

We couldn't believe our luck - the fact that I couldn't swim at that time didn't seem relevant to the fun, fun, fun we were about to have.

Fun, fun, fun until the raft tipped up throwing the two older boys into the water, leaving me gripping the raft by my fingertips and screaming....

I think for my Mammy...!

Fortunately the other two boys could swim and made it safely to the bank. As far as I remember they didn't seem to have too much sympathy for the screaming girl's blouse left floating precariously in a very dangerous river.

I was without doubt up S*** Creek without a paddle. 

If death by drowning was not enough to deter us from venturing onto the river then terrible water pollution would have little if no importance to us.

Another time, my big sisters and I and some other kids unkown to us were busy swinging off a rope that was attached to a branch that overhung the river.

Well you can guess what happened next - Yep the rope snapped and a boy who had pushed my sister Cathy out of her turn for the swing ended up in the drink. When he came out he was covered in black slime.

I've no idea what the black slime was but I'm guessing it wasn't conducive to good health.

Hmmmn... that would have been interesting if it had been me that disappeared from the end of the rope.

It would have taken some explaining when my two big sisters (who should have known better tsk! tsk! Bad girlies, naughty bad girlies) arrived home...

Errr Mam....

Yes what luvvie....

Errr we've lost Michael...


Errr in the RIVER MERSEY... what's fer tea?

Urmston Meadows lies within the flood plain of the River Mersey and is the most southerly part of Urmston.

Much work has taken place over the years to speed up the flow of floodwater and thus reduce the risk of localised flooding.

Floodbasins such as Sale Water Park to the east of Urmston have also been constructed.

Each time that I go to Urmston Meadows I see more and more erosion of the banks.

The pictures that I took on the 26th September 2012 show the river only

3 or 4 feet from the top of the banks and huge chunks of bank fell away while I
was shooting.

We were very fortunate in Urmston, whereas other areas of the country were not quite so lucky.

The North East of England in particular was very badly hit by flood waters.

The Huffington Post has extensive video coverage of UK 26th September floods at:

 Video Footage of Britain's Extreme September Weather



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Week 1

River Mersey Urmston Meadows Manchester
Boland Image No-60002

River Mersey
 Urmston Meadows Manchester
Boland Image No-60003


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